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Uniqueness and Brand Recall

A trademark makes sure that no one can use your brand identity. Therefore, it helps keep your brand unique.

Safeguards your Brand

If you have a registered trademark, it will keep others from using your design and brand goodwill. As they always say, precaution is better than cure.

Future Proof

When your business grows over time, the value of the trademark gets scaled. In short, you are ready for future success.

Documents Required from Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, HUF

Documents Required from Company, LLP, Society, Trust, Others

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A trademark protects a word, name, logo or design that represent the manufacturer of the goods. While, the patent gives property rights for the invention of a new product, which prevents others from making an identical product.

The Trademark Registry has classified goods and services under 45 classes. For example : Class 25 for clothing, class 43 for restaurant etc. So the trademark registration online application submitted by the user must mention the goods and services. We will consult you on the same.

The validity period of a trademark is for 10 years. However, it is renewable indefinitely.

Once the government authority receives your application. After that, you can use “TM” mark with your brand. Similarly you can use the “R” mark upon acceptance after a certain months.

No! as the trademark registers within the Trademark Act 2000, it is only valid in India. However, it can be used as a base for registering the trademark in some other countries.

The goods and services you deal in, decides your trademark class. Therefore, you need to share a list of your products or services. After that, our experts will save your time & effort by finding the relevant trademark class for you.

You can use the TM mark once the application is filed. However, you can use the R mark after 6-18 months when the trademark gets accepted by the authority.

It takes so long because the mark publishes in the journal for months to ensure that the public has a fair chance for any objection.