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  • Startup India Registration
  • DPIIT Recognition
  • Angel Investor Certificate

Suitable for Startup Businesses

Documents Required from Directors, Shareholders

Tax Exemption

Venture capitalists and private equity funds are likely to invest in Privalte Limited Companies. Hence, private limited companies better than the partnership entities.

Self Certification

Compliance under 9 Environmental and Labour Laws

Startup Patent Application

Fast Track and upto 80% rebate in filing patents.

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The companies are eligible to get recognized as DPIIT Department of Industrial policy and Promotion which gives access to tax benefits, easier compliances, IPR fast tracking and more.

Private Limited Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships, Registered Partnership firms can obtain Startup recognition certificate.

Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade grants the startup recognition certificate based on certain conditions.

As One Person Company is a form of a company it can be recognized as a Startup.

It requires around 7-10 working days , the government officers check all the information and the documents that are provided.

For the period of 10 years from the date of incorporation up to the turnover the increases the limit of Rs.100 crore in any financial year.

Once the registration is done you can connect to the other startups, the investors or the incubators on the startup India portal.

After registering under this scheme the entity will be eligible to avail certain tax benefits, but one has to apply seperately on the portal to avail it.

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